Collecting Has Some Pros and Cons
Rare stamps of known pedigrees are pretty liquid in that they may  be offered effortlessly to sellers with ok funds. Over the remaining 20 years, choice U.S. And foreign stamps have risen significantly in value. On the bad aspect, stamps are fragile and may be completely broken by careless handling. Not all stamps move up in fee on the same price, and stamps might also even drop in market fee, like every other speculated commodity. Also, you ought to be certain which you are not overpaying initially or are shopping for a stamp that has been secretly repaired or is a forgery of a rare item. You might not want to listen my advice for stamp making an investment, however right here it's miles: Be a collector first, an investor 2d. Get and study philatelic books from a provider or the public library. Talk to other collectors, go to dealers’ shops and look at their wares earlier than buying something, join a stamp society, and study one of the weekly stamp  newspapers (to be had at stamp shops or through subscription). Spend a yr or two getting to know approximately stamps so that you could make an knowledgeable choice about what to purchase for lengthy-term investment. And bear in mind: Nothing is guaranteed besides postage stamps savings bills insured via the federal authorities. Q: I actually have a four-cent U.S. Flag stamp with the date July 4, 1959, published on it. There are forty nine stars at the flag, and I remember the fact that while Hawaii entered the Union our flag changed into quickly modified to 50 stars. Is this stamp rare because of constrained income inside the publish offices whilst we had a forty nine-famous person flag?--E.S. A: Alaska have become the forty ninth country on Jan. Three, 1959, and your 49 big name flag commemorative turned into issued July four, 1959. Designated as Scott catalogue No. 1132, your stamp had a press run of more than 200 million copies, a long way in excess of the average commemorative of that point, and sufficient stamps to supply each severe stamp collector inside the international with many copies of it. So it is not uncommon, and in reality is still well worth approximately face value after almost 30 years. Hawaii have become our 50th state on Aug. 21, 1959, and on July four, 1960, a new 50-big name flag stamp become issued. But the forty nine-celebrity stamp changed into sold for a long time so every body who wanted one may want to easily get it on the submit places of work over the past half of 1959. Q: While traveling thru Sweden within the overdue Nineteen Sixties, I picked up a quantity of memento sheets with stamps displaying art work by Ivan Agueli. What are this stuff worth today, and are they scarce gadgets?--T.D. A: Issued June 6, 1969, this souvenir sheet is listed at $2.Seventy five mint, $5 canceled. This is an instance of stamps which might be really worth extra used than unused. Of direction, the cancel should be true and of the term whilst the stamps were issued, to justify a hefty discrepancy between cheaper mint and more costly canceled fee. Q: I acquired an air mail envelope from Iran, but can’t decipher the stamps. From my enclosed photocopy are you able to tell me something approximately them?--S.P. A: The 10-Rials stamp suggests Seyd Hassan Modaress and is indexed inside the catalogues at 30 cents mint, eight cents used. Your 50-Rials trouble portrays Sheikh Mohammed Hossein Kashef and catalogues for $1.50 mint, 50 cents used. Both were a part of a 1983-eighty four set of Iranian stamps that honored noted religious and political figures. It is certainly tough to find out approximately stamps like those while not having a general stamp catalogue. If you could’t translate a foreign-language inscription, you could no longer even realize what the stamp represents, a great deal much less have any concept of while it changed into issued. In Scott’s Catalogues, available at any stamp supplier or in all public libraries, there are pictures of commonplace stamp designs of the stamps of every kingdom. By comparing your stamp with the ones inside the catalogue you can perceive it and find out its relative value. Q: Someone as soon as instructed me which you have to never soak stamps off their envelopes due to the fact this will lower their value. Is this usually actual?--E.L. A: No. Many stamps, specially early or uncommon ones, are well worth significantly greater if left on their unique cover (envelope). But most current and cheap sorts are of no unique premium on cowl.

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